Chiappa Rhino 30DS


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Type: Revolver
Model: Rhino 30DS
3″Action: DA-SA
Grading: New
Acquisition-Permit: PAA



Chiappa Rhino 30DS (Nickel Plated) 357MAG/3″BBL

Now available is Single Action Only version of the Rhino Revolver 30D that is only permitted for sale in California. 
Single Action Rhino (SAR) 
The Rhino revolver has a lower bore axis than other revolver designs. 
This indicates that the shooter’s hand, wrist, and arm are directly above the barrel. 
Due to more excellent energy absorption and control across the entire arm, this almost eliminates muzzle rise and lessens the amount of recoil the shooter experiences. 
The alignment also provides more natural point of aim for the shooter. 
Take shot and notice the difference!


– Barrel length: 76mm
– Overall length: 190mm
– Weight: 771g
– Nickel Plated
– Walnut grips
– Front Sight: Fixed Red Fiber Optic
– Rear Sight: Adjustable Elevation & Windage Green Fiber Optic
– Machined 7075-T6 Alloy Frame/ Steel Cylinder and barrel
The CHIAPPA Rhino revolver design features a lower bore axis which means that the barrel is directly in line with the shooter’s hand, wrist, and arm. This results in almost no muzzle rise, reducing the amount of recoil felt by the shooter.


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